Bakka: Our organic clothes from Abaca protect your skin and saves the Nature

Written by Georgi Uzunov

On September 3, 2020
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Pure Hemp, Healthier skin and healthier nature! That is the combination in Bakka Organica –  selling clothes made from pure hemp and organic cotton. Each company or business must have a cause fighting for. Each company should try to change the world for the better. We’ve been on the market for almost three years now. But only on the Bulgarian market. Now, our company is trying to spread around the world – starting with the USA and Europe. 

 Who are we? My name is Georgi Uzunov and I partner in this start-up with Manol Manolov. We are from a little town in Bulgaria – called Blagoevgrad. Why did we start the company? In one word – we fell in love with hemp textiles at first sight. More detailed – read below! 

We were surrounded by friends with skin problems

Before starting to deal with clothes from hemp, a lot of our friends were complaining about problems with their skin. I have seen my best friends getting short of breath  because of polyester allergy. I have listened to friends saying that they have had a hard time sleeping at night because of itching, sweating etc. Even my friends, having problems with sweating were sharing that they are ashamed to go to an interview, go on a date or just do their normal everyday activities.

Hearing all these complaints coming from close persons we started to think –  how can we help them?


 That was the moment when we went back to our ancestors’ past when hemp clothing was used a lot. We read a lot of books, read a lot of doctors’ opinions, we even travelled to some places around the world and had the chance to speak with doctors that have been studying hemp plants for years. At this stage we already knew that the fabric made from hemp can bring a lot of benefits to skin health and not only that.

Be Aware: Polyester is poisoning your skin!

We started reading about the harms of polyester. For sure we know one thing – Polyester should not be on your skin or in nature! Beside from the lack of comfort, we would like to share that Polyester is a synthetic material that contains many toxic chemicals embedded in it. Plastic molecules are released with each contact with heat. For example, by putting synthetic clothes in the dryer these chemicals are released into your home and the environment. Can you guess what happens when you stay in the sun with a T-shirt made from polyester on your body? 

Over the years our families and a lot of friends learned the benefits of the hemp fabric and started wearing it. I now, personally, cannot separate from my hemp t-shirts and underwear. 


Maybe in some part of your life you have seen some red spots on your skin. Do you know that most likely (beside direct impact with the sun) these spots are coming from a synthetic material that your skin has come in contact with. 

We can talk a lot about hemp benefits for the skin – but maybe in another article, or you can read it all along the web. From what we have seen – we can tell you – use hemp fabric and live in healthier skin!

Help us protect The Nature

Cause number two – The Nature! Both of us – Manol and Georgi, have been born near the great Pirin Mountain in Bulgaria. We have grown up with nature – forests, trees, lakes, rivers and wild animals. We LOVE nature and we find it as our duty to help protect it. We don’t have to say that industries are simply killing the nature – we are not sure if this can continue much longer. In our country Bulgaria,  for example, poachers are cutting millions of trees, killing hundreds of wild animals. From the other side, businessman’s are ruining nature by destroying natural eco places, so they can build grand hotels, ports and fabrics. 

How can we help? Hemp is basically nature’s purifier. The plant rapidly captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and makes what we breathe much cleaner. In fact, for every ton of hemp produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air.

The stems and leaves of the hemp plant are jam-packed with nutrients. As the plant matures and the seed grows, leaf matter falls to the ground and decomposes, replenishing the soil with goodness ready for the next crop. 

Hemp is also helping the birds and the bees. Hemp plants grow up to three feet tall which makes them an excellent little hiding place for wildlife. Oh and when hemp flowers bloom they’re a good pollen source for bees.


There are so many benefits but here is just few of them: 

  • Hemp Supports Sustainable Farming
  • Help Against Pesticides
  • Hemp Prevents Soil Erosion
  • Hemp Needs Little Water
  • Nothing goes to waste with Hemp
  • Hemp Absorbs toxic Metals
  • Hemp can help in the fight against deforestation

Let’s talk about our brand 

For us as a brand, attention to detail comes first. That is why we produce our clothes in Bulgaria – not only to follow the high standards of every seam and cut, but also to support Bulgarian tailors.

In Bulgaria, the processing of hemp products is prohibited and therefore we have to import our fabrics from third countries. The fabrics for our products are manufactured in a sustainable factory in China, which has quality certificates from leading global certification companies such as SGS Group and Control Union Certifications B.V.

Our main goal is for as many people as possible to touch the qualities of hemp fabric. That is why we set affordable prices.

We are an open source brand. From the very beginning, we built the brand with the participation of our users.

Our Mission

 Hemp clothes have been  part of our past for thousands of years. In Bulgaria before the Second World War, hemp, also known as „Grysti“, was often used in the production of textiles. The first jeans and the first US flag were also made of this extremely durable material. We believe that these miraculous fabrics will determine our path to the sustainable economy of the future. The hemp revolution in the fashion industry has already begun and we are here to make it even more accessible.

What do we do to achieve it?

 The main goal of Bakka Organica’s team is to produce clothes for adults, teenagers, children and babies from hemp and organic materials  –  cotton and linen.

We started with T-shirts (55% hemp, 45% organic cotton) to raise capital to produce a wider range of clothing.

 What does Bakka mean?

 Persistence that comes after the erasure of the Self, a higher life with God (a word used by the dervishes).

Derived from the Sanskrit word bhaga – a term for “lord, patron”, but also for “wealth, prosperity”. The cognate term in Avestan and Old Persian is baga, of uncertain meaning but used in a sense in which “lord, patron, sharer / distributor of good fortune” might also apply. The cognate in Slavic languages ​​is the root богъ. The name of the city of Baghdad derives from Middle Persian baga-data, “lord-given”.

There is a similar term in Old Persian – baga, used in the sense of “lord, patron, sponsor / distributor of happiness.” In the Slavic languages ​​the word “God” has a similar root.

Abaka (Cebuano, Filipino dialect) – hemp


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