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Hemp/Organic Cotton Tank Top Men

There is nothing in this t-shirt but organic textiles. We believe that the Keep It Simple principle inevitably leads to a happy life. That is why, at the cost of everything, we managed to protect this model from the clutches of our designer. And we leave it to you to express yourself in the best way for you.

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Composition: 18% hemp / 77% organic cotton/ 5% Spandex

Breathable tank top is soft but at the same time very strong. The hemp fabric ensures comfort without feeling the unpleasant feeling of clinging. Feel confident in each of your activities with Bakka Organica bikinis.

Another major advantage of the fabric is that it is antibacterial and is extremely suitable for your private parts.

Hemp and organic textile clothes are a must-have accessory for several reasons:

1) Block dangerous UV rays;

2) Hemp fibers are porous, which allows your skin to breathe;

3) The fabric provides faster release of moisture and sweat;

4) Hemp fabric is naturally thermo-dynamic, meaning it keeps you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re warm, it wicks away moisture from the skin quickly.

5)Hemp’s anti-bacterial qualities keep you fresh all day, bad smell proof

6)Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight, absorbent and, with three times the tensile strength of cotton, strong and longlasting.

7)Hemp farming uses very little water, does not require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is a readily renewable resource, making it a very environmentally sound fabric.

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Is the hemp cloth rough?

No! The hemp fabric is finely processed and is extremely soft and pleasant to the skin. The fabrics,  processed to make shirts, pants, etc. are coarser.

How to be sure that the fabric is real Hemp?

Our fabrics have passed quality and content tests in the world-famous SGS laboratory. The company is a world leader in inspection, testing, and certification.
The fabrics have been tested in SGS Varna, which has recently been certified under the GMP + scheme.

See our certificate here: Bakka Organica Certificate

What is my size?

In the gallery of each of our products is attached a chart table, where you can see your perfect size!